New Hope Community Services provides a beacon of hope for hundreds of displaced individuals and families, by providing transitional shelters, counselling and skilling opportunities. Our social programs, involving social workers and volunteers are designed to assist the down-and-out,  the distressed and the in-debted, to raise them above their unfavorable circumstances to become self-reliant and contributing citizens.


New Hope Community Services (NHCS) was registered as a charity in 2004. Our sole motivation is the love of God and the conviction that His church must stay relevant to the needs of the community. We are concerned for those in need and we strive to reach out to them, regardless of their race or religion.

In June 2007, New Hope Community Services launched the Shelter for Displaced Families. We recognise that homelessness can strike in many ways. Our mission is to stand in the gap and provide a Shelter of Hope to these homeless Singaporeans and to empower them to alleviate and improve their situation. At New Hope Community Services, our goal goes beyond providing temporary shelter to those we serve; we want to infuse them with real hope to see their lives changed.


We look forward to meeting those with a heart to serve. New Hope Community Services is strongly supported by a core group of volunteers who are professionals in various fields. They serve in the executive board, teach in lifeskills program, organize charity events and in other programmes.

Volunteer, as the word goes, is something that cannot be forced on anybody, so please make the first move – contact us at 6305 9620 or general@newhopecs.org.sg. We will be glad to have you as part of the team.



To continue our important work in giving hope to the individuals and families in need, we seek your generous support and kind donations. Help us to spread and materialize the message of Love and Hope.

Tax Benefits

Donations of $50 and above are eligible for 2.5 times the tax deductions. Which means that for every $50.00 you give, $125 will be deducted from your taxable income.

Please note that if you prefer your donations to be automatically included in your tax assessment, you will have to provide your Full Name and NRIC/FIN No.