Help Us Acquire A Big Truck!
"Help us acquire a big truck and send us along the way to greater social good!
HAVE WHEELS WILL TRAVEL! Our big truck will go a long way towards fulfilling our business and social objectives!."
By New Hope Community Services
It could happen to anyone. A bad choice, a wrong decision or a debilitating disease, can plunge one into the depths of despair and poverty, in dire need for provisions and shelter, for himself and his children.

The cause of New Hope Community Services is to provide a transitional place of refuge for homeless families and individuals. Besides donations from the public , our social enterprise aims to be a sustainable source of funding.

New Hope Bouncefit is a social enterprise initiative of New Hope Community Services. We sell trampolines, conduct jumping fitness classes, and organize corporate jumping events. All the proceeds of our sales and business activities go directly and totally into the support of the social programs by New Hope Community Services

To streamline our business, improve work efficiency and increase profits, we need a big truck!

WE NEED YOU!!!We Need YOU... To Empower Us!
When you give towards our Jumping On Wheel Campaign, and help us get a BIG TRUCK...
we can be more productive
we can reduce operating costs
we can increase revenue
we can improve customer service
we can serve more customers
we can help them get healthier and fitter
we can help more homeless people and give them a hope for the future
we can expand our operations and create more jobs for Singaporeans
Give The Gift Of Empowerment!
YOU can make a difference!
With as little as $10!
New Hope Community Services
Block 148, Yishun Street 11, #01-123
Singapore 760148
Telephone: 6305 9620
Office hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm

Your Donations Are Tax Deductable!

Your donations are granted 2.5 times the tax deductions, which means that for every $1.00 you give, $2.50 will be deducted from your taxable income!